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Cold Forming Machines and Current Product range

  O.D. Length
11B 5H-12Ø 2.2-18
14B 10H-17H 4-30
10Ø -17Ø
17B 13H-18H 8-50
13Ø -18Ø
19B 15H-22H 4.5-20
15Ø -24Ø
22B 18H-22H 10-60
17Ø -26Ø
24B 22H-30H 5-20
20Ø -30Ø
  O.D. Length
27B 24H-30H 12-65
30Ø -35Ø
30B 27H-33H 7-40
30Ø -38Ø
33B 30H-33H 14-65
33Ø -42Ø
36B 30H-36H 14-65
35Ø -45Ø
41B 33H-42H 10-50
35Ø -50Ø
50B * 36H-53H 14-90
40Ø -56Ø

* One and Only in Taiwan

WI Products

Available Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, and Brass.

Product Categories: All kinds of square nuts, hex nuts, octagonal nuts, 12 angle nuts, round nuts (rectangle, heavy, flange, jam, nylon insert, thread, machine, structural, etc.) / Pipe nuts / High nuts / Wheel nuts / U nuts / T nuts/ Clinch nuts / Big size nuts / Prevailing torque type nuts / Self-locking nuts / Sliding nuts / Nylon insert nuts (nylon insert lock nuts, flange nylon insert lock nuts) / Washer nuts (conical, flat) / Barrel nuts / Lock nuts / Disk-lock nuts / Long nuts / Slotted nuts / Castle nuts / Top lock nut with conical washer assemble / Coupling nuts / Battery nuts / Weld nuts / Flange weld nuts / Flare nuts / Sensor boss / Other special nuts (6-lobes(T55), oval, drum lug, polygonal, radical, etc)

Quality Inspection Equipments

ProjectorBasic size and surface check

3D ProjectorPrecise Inspections of size and dimension

Rockwell Hardness TesterHardness measurement

Cutting Machine To prepare products for internal dimension test

Grinding / Polishing MachineTo prepare products for internal dimension test

Tensile Strength TesterTensile test

Torque WenchTorque test, locking force test

Circular TesterVerticality test, concentricity test

Optics Sorting MachineEffective product sorting based on customers' needs

Reciprocating Tapping Machines

12T M6-M12
22T M14-M22
32T M24-M34